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Why Should I Have a Doula, Anyway?

I know what you're probably thinking. You have a partner, best friend or mom that might be at your birth. Why hire a doula, anyway?

Would you like to feel so confident in your choices and abilities that fear no longer controls you? I think we can all answer yes to that question, and if you did, then a doula is for you!

I love to think of myself as a moms biggest fan and believer, but yet I bring birth experience, information and resources to the table, too. When you choose me to be your doula you are choosing a support person that will have your back in any of the choices you make during pregnancy, labor and birth. I do not get to decide what is right for you so my job often involves a lot of listening to your goals, wishes, likes, dislikes, fears and strengths. After much listening we can work on a plan together that helps you to have the information to make unbiased choices about your prenatal care, birth care and care of your sweet baby. I take the time to get to know you and your partner, kids and family so that when the big day comes I can stand with you, hold your hand and hold your sacred space through what is the most amazing yet uncertain time in a moms life. I am an empathetic ear, I am a shoulder to cry on, I am her reminder that YOU hold the power and that your birth is your own and no one else's. Sometimes this means getting out all the things from my bag and using them, sometimes this means sitting in silence with you while reassuring you that you are safe, loved and strong. Sometimes it means that I am helping a partner to know what to do to comfort the mama and often times we really don't know what you're going to need until labor has arrived. I am not there to interject my opinions on your choices, I am not there to judge any decision or reasons for them, I am not there to make decisions for you or pressure you into things you may not want or be comfortable with. (Lets be honest, there are often way too many people throughout pregnancy and even during the birth of the baby that give unsolicited advice and pressure moms into feeling guilty for their decisions.)

I will be the woman behind YOU. Your birth matters and you deserve to feel loved, built up, cared for and strong. Sometimes we just need someone that has been there, and I am so proud and so happy to be able to remind you just how amazing you are as a woman and mother.

Be confident, mama. We've got this.

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