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Five Creative Ways to Document Your Pregnancy **GIVEAWAY**

Every pregnancy is different, unique and memorable. You might be feeling excited, nervous or even in shock after you find out you're expecting. Maybe this was a long awaited positive test that you still can't believe you're seeing or maybe this is not your first baby and you are totally shocked and surprised to find out you're adding another to your bunch. No matter if you're a first time or a fifth time mom here are some creative and fun things that you can do to help you document and remember all the things!

1. Journaling- Starting a journal for yourself or your baby can be a great way for you to jot down the things that you would love to have to look back on. You don't have to use the journal only for good things or for huge milestones, you can use it to write little love notes to your baby or use it to tell your babe what foods you were craving during different times during your pregnancy. You could use your journal as time every morning to record your feelings or hopes and dreams for your family that you and your partner can look back on or share with your baby after they're born. You can make your journal as fun or fancy as you would like, I would encourage you to show your personality, I promise you will cherish it!

2. Belly Casting/Belly Painting- Have you ever thought of doing a belly casting or belly painting? Belly casting is similar to paper mache only using strips of cloth with plaster of paris to make a life size cast of a womans bust and belly during her pregnancy. After the belly cast is dried many moms and dads spend time painting the cast to decorate it with something that is special to them or with their baby's name or nursery theme. (Spoiler alert: I offer belly casting a la carte or with a doula care package.) Some moms might want to skip the casting step and just have someone paint their bare bump and then take some photos with it to make into cute nursery art work, and that is perfectly fine too!

3. Voice Recordings- Have you ever sat and talked to your little one inside your belly? Your baby hears you and becomes accustomed to your voice long before they are born. If you love the idea of journaling as a keepsake for you and your baby but are not the pen and paper type you could start a collection of voice recordings for your family to listen back on or for you to keep for your child when they get older. You could record your wishes for your baby, tell a funny pregnancy story to them, read them a favorite childrens book and even leave a sweet message for them as you are preparing to enter the birthing process and meet them.

4. Collect Childrens Books- What about starting their very own collection of childrens books for them before they are born? A sweet idea is to write a little note or memory inside the cover of the book so that when you're sitting down to read the books you can read the little note or memory to them that you left inside the cover. These books will become cherished and they will have them perhaps to even give to their children in the future!

5. Maternity Photo Session- Maternity photos are such a fun thing to do no matter what number baby you might be on. I run into so many moms that wish that they had taken the time to have a maternity photo session done after their little one is here. Being pregnant is such a special time for a mom and family, even though many times pregnancy brings some uncomfortable moments, you will never be able to experience those moments again with that specific babe. Being able to look back on photos of you and your family when your baby was still in your belly is something you will never regret. Photos can be customized and given so much personality based on what your family likes or dislikes, siblings can be included....even pets!

I can not personally journal for your or paint your belly but I can help with the last one! I am giving away a Mini Maternity Photo Session with my beautiful and talented friend Terri Adams with Diamond Photography!! Entering is simple, all you need to do is click here and fill out the information form. I will be in contact with the winner on August 31, 2019.

***Winner will receive a voucher for mini session and is responsible for contacting Diamond Photography immediately to set up a date and time for their mini session. Only one entry per person, please.

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